<transcy>Tesla Model S -kahvan johdotus</transcy>
<transcy>Tesla Model S -kahvan johdotus</transcy>
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Tesla Model S Door Handle Wiring Loom
Tesla Model S Door Handle Wiring Loom
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Tesla Model S Door Handle Harness - Replacement for 1016009-00-C

Normaalihinta €59,90 Myyntihinta €84,90 Yksikköhinta Kpl
Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Currently not available due to global component shortage!

Estimated arrival of components is June/August 2022!


Upgraded silicone door handle wiring harness / wiring loom for Tesla Model S.

This replacement harness is made from high quality silicone cable, OE Panasonic micro-switches, Molex connectors and terminals. This is simple plug and play type of repair harness. Cable length is same as the original one. Replacement for 1016009-00-B, 1016009-00-C, 1016009-00-E

This is much more resilient and more flexible than the factory unit, because of the high quality silicone cable used to build this.

Made in Finland